The Story of The Hive

In 2011 music enthusiast Jeff Grady had an idea to produce live music shows following the headline acts at The Festival at Sandpoint. Grady, an avid music fan with a little industry experience, had been out in Sandpoint following the Festival shows and was disappointed that the scene downtown was essentially void of more good, live music.

Grady set out with a mission ... bring great music to downtown Sandpoint not just after the Festival, but year round.

After performing some research on possible venues in downtown Sandpoint, the historic and vacant Pastime building had the bones from which to establish a venue for live music. Working quickly through early Summer of 2013, Grady and a host of Sandpoint locals opened The HIVE - version 1.0.

Following a successful year of concerts, Grady purchased the Pastime building and hired Sandpoint Framing and Exteriors to manage a major renovation of the building in the Summer of 2014.

In August 2014 The Hive reopened as Sandpoint's premier music venue and the permanent home of Aftival.

The 2014 renovation included:

  • Complete replacement of roof and foundation
  • Installation of state of the art sound and light systems
  • Construction of stage, soundboard and monitor rooms
  • Renovation and expansion of Men's and Ladies rooms
  • Installation of industrial HVAC system
  • Installation of 2 full-service Liquor Bars
  • Installation of 4 mezzanine level VIP booths
  • Construction and installation of new street-facing façade